Top 10 Sources to Download Cydia for your Jailbreak

With each passing day, we get more interesting additions on download Cydia making us more wait for new jailbreak updates. So knowing your interest in iOS jailbreak, we here take top 10 Cydia Sources to a single note as a support to choose all best Cydia apps and tweaks to make your jailbreak rights worth.


Top 10 Sources to Download Cydia for your Jailbreak

Soon once jailbroken, download Cydia from which all changes and improvements can be done in the system. But always you should make sure whether you are compatible with the Cydia apps and Tweaks to the firmware and device jailbroken. So for that, we hope this will be useful from which we are highlighting the most leading Cydia download repositories that pack amazing set of applications to make the best tweaking in the system.

Best Download Cydia Sources to get best Apps and Tweaks on your jailbroken Apple Device

With time we get to know various apps updates compatible with different firmware jailbroken. And similarly, we get updates to Cydia sources in which all the apps and tweaks are stored. So let us here take a look at some of the Best download Cydia Sources to make your jailbroken iDevice completely changed in the way desired.

BigBoss Repository
This is the most known Cydia repository from which you can install a large number of themes, apps, mods and more for the best tweaking of your jailbroken iDevice. If you have jailbroken for the first time, you should take the first entry to Bigboss repo to find a larger number of interesting tweaks for free.

ModMyi Repository
This is another Cydia source gets preinstalled with Cydia installation. You will here find frequently updating apps, themes, mods and more for free download. So you will never be bored of its content as all them get updated so often.

xSellize Repository
This is the best recommendation for everyone loves playing games on your jailbroken Apple device. It offers various categories as SEGA, Game Boy, NES, and many more as with the popular game brand names. And also, xSellize is home to many more useful mods, apps, tweaks, and themes that are equally providing the desired experience. So this is a great Cydia source that you should never miss on your jailbroken Apple device. Repository
This Cydia repo is popular for the best Cydia apps and also games. Most highlighting feature here is it offers many of the applications for free which are normally found in the premium category when it comes to the official App store. So enjoy all premium features and functions for all free here with Repository. The apps it contains include installous, hresources, crackulous, idone, security.deb and so many more.

SiNful iPhone Repository
This is quite similar to the above mentioned Cydia repo as of the quality to download apps, mods, themes, games fo all free. It is also significant as it updates so rapidly bringing you all the most updated app version for free.

Insanelyi Repository
This is the most recommended repository for all those who need the best customization after jailbreak. In fact, there are many tweaks, mods, and apps to change the appearance of your jailbroken iDevice as well as the performance.

iPhoneCake Repository
If you love jailbreaking for the need of games, this is a great one from famous Cydia repos to take a look. In fact, this repo bundles hundreds of interesting games for you to spend your jailbreak times with the best game experience.

iHackStore Repository
iHackStore Repository is another useful repo collects highlighting applications, themes, tweaks, games, mods for free on your jailbroken Apple device. And since it goes through continuous updating cycle, you can have all apps in the most recent updated version with the highest compatibility.

iHacksRepo Repository
This is one of the best choices for those who love customizing Apple device after jailbreak. In fact, it includes best themes for your jailbroken iDevice like WinterBoard, Dreamboard and more from which you can make your device completely changed in the look and feel.

In addition there is lot more Cydia Sources to have best jailbreak experience on iPhone, iPad, and iPod. So enjoy all features and functions with Cydia soon after you have successfully stepped out of the stock limitations. If you have more suggestions to best Cydia sources, let us know here through comments.