iOS 12 Jailbreak (Semi-Untethered) With Download Cydia Demoed By Pandora Labs CydiaPro

We have some exiting news for iOS 12 Cydia lovers. Within 24 hours of its release, security researchers at Pandora Labs CydiaPro have been able to jailbreak iOS 12, Apple’s latest mobile firmware.

Pandora Lab CydiaPro just demonstrated an untethered jailbreak for iOS 12 public version and install Cydia on iPhone X. This is the very first jailbreak compatible with latest iOS 12 public version and also it seams fully untethered.

There’s a video that demonstrate this download Cydia iOS 12 via jailbreak iPhone X in action. Firstly, it shows off the firmware version and then tap on the “CydiaPro” jailbreak app in Home screen. After few minutes, it completed the jailbreaking process with Cydia app installed. Finally, he restart the device but still it in on the jailbroken state means you no need to re-jailbreak your device after each restart.

Pandora Lab CydiaPro was established in 2017 and mainly focus on researches of mobile security. They already have reported number of vulnerabilities to company Apple, Google, Huawei. Currently, more than 10 security specialists are working at Pandora Lab CydiaPro. Last year, they were able to develop an untethered jailbreak for iOS 11.2 / 11.2.1.

iOS 12 jailbreak release date for public

As previous, Pandora Labs CydiaPro will never release their new iOS 12 jailbreak for public. However, now we know Apple’s latest mobile firmware – iOS 12 pulic version is also jailbreakable. So, there ‘s a BIG chance that some hacker like Coolstar to release iOS 12 jailbreak for public. Raise your hopes up and waiting for a good news.