Begin with Cydia download

Cydia is an bundled third party apps developed by Jay Freeman for Apple devices. Cydia gives you more powered and interested apps, tweaks, themes etc than Apple app store. Cydia download can be done only through a special process. So if you need to get cydia for iphone, ipad or ipod touch, you have to jailbreak the device with a compatible tool. You can select the better tool according to the device model and the running iOS version. Then you can jailbreak the device through the selected tool and install cydia for your idevice

You can check the idevice model through Settings > General > About > Version. Then you can go through our steps and install cydia for your idevice. Cydia let you to customize and handle your Apple mobile or tablet with many new apps and features in cydia. They are interesting, easy and powerful. You can make your life better with cydia

Download cydia for iphone is possible with us. We guide you to install cydia on iphone 6, iphone 6 plus, iPhone 5S, iphone 5C, iphone 5, iphone 4S, iphone 4, iphone 3GS and iphone 3G. You can choose the iphone model and the iOS version. Then we will guide you to jailbreak your iphoone with the most suitable tool and install cydia on iphone

cydia for iphone

Install cydia for iPhone

Cydia download for ipad is also possible with We help you to install cydia on ipad air 2, ipad mini 3, ipad air, ipad 4, ipad 3, ipad 2, ipad mini 2 and ipad mini models. You have to select the ipad model and the iOS version that you want to install cydia. Then we can guide you to jailbreak the ipad using a compatible tool and install cydia for your ipad

cydia for ipad

Install cydia for iPad

Download cydia for ipod touch models also available via our web site. We can refer you to install cydia on ipod touch 5g, ipod touch 4g, ipod touch 3g ,ipod touch 2g and ipod touch devices. Please choose the ipod model and the running iOS firmware. Then follow our guide lines to install cydia on your ipod touch. It’s easy and quick

cydia for ipod touch

Install cydia for iPod touch

Cydia for iOS


iOS is the Apple operating system for iphone, ipad and ipod touch devices. You can install cydia on iOS versions through compatible cydia installers. We guide you to download cydia and automatically install cydia on iOS running Apple devices. You have to simply follow us and install cydia for your idevice. Please follow through your idevice model and iOS version running on. Read more >>

Cydia for android

cydia for android

Download cydia for android is available through different app stores on google. You can get cydia related apps and tweaks for your android running drvices through apps and tools available on google and google app store. Many of them are free and working same as the cydia apps. So you can customize your rooted devices with these tools easily. Read more >>

Cydia for Windows OS

cydia for windows

Cydia , the third party apps for Apple devices can be installed through your windows running computer now. Windows users able to download cydia for their iphone, ipad or ipod touch device now. You have to follow simple steps to get cydia. Enjoy cydia on your Apple mobile or tablet. It will give you an awesome experience with cydia apps and tweaks. Read more >>

Cydia for Mac OS

cydia for mac os

Many of us use mac computers now. If you are a mac user too, now you can download cydia through your mac running pc. When you need to install cydia for your iphone, ipad or ipod, you can use your mac computer to continue the cydia download process. It’s very simple. guide you through very easy steps to install cydia on your idevice. Follow us for quick cydia installation. If you need to install cydia for your idevice and if you are a mac user Read more >>

Cydia for Linux OS

cydia for linux

At the moment we haven’t the tools that supported to install cydia through linux. So please try to use a windows running or mac OS running computer to install cydia for your idevice. Cydia installation with windows or mac tools are very trustful and faster. You can get cydia for your device without any trouble with them