Download Cydia for iOS 9.0 through iOS 11.4.1 – Jailbreak Status

Can anyone jailbreak and Cydia install for iOS 9.x, 10.x, 11.x, or 11.4.1 and below? For sure, iOS 11 update has already been jailbroken by the world’s famous developers and hackers but you won’t be able to jailbreak iOS 11.4.1 and below because there’s no any jailbreak tool have released to the public iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch user yet. As a Cydia lover, there are more to know about the current situation of iOS 11 jailbreak and download Cydia so, read carefully and know all the secrets.

Apple released the final version of iOS 11 to the iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch users live in worldwide with many new features and improvements. After a few months they decided to release the final minor update of iOS 11 and now it is possible to download iOS 11.4.1 via OTA update and through the iTunes.

Pangu Jailbreak for iOS 11 Cydia Download

Pangu is already working hard for the new update of Pangu 11 jailbreak for iOS 11 Cydia install but the jailbreak community should have to know that Pangu has jailbroken iOS 11 when it was passing the first beta. A member of Pangu team showed a video demo of a jailbroken iPhone which was on iOS 11 beta 1 and Cydia download has already worked on that iPhone.

The members of Pangu team revealed this at the second MOSEC conference. They promised that they will release the jailbreak iOS 11.3.1 tool soon as possible to the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch users who are looking for install Cydia.

iOS 11.4.1 Jailbreak by the developer Min Zheng

Min Zheng is a popular Chinese iOS hacker and a developer who has jailbroken iOS 11 several times using his own hacking method. Min started to jailbreak iOS 11 beta 1 for Cydia download and then he was able to find the vulnerabilities of iOS 11 beta 5.

This amazing developer used a newly created tool to download Cydia for iOS 11 called ‘Cydiapro’ and then he did some upgrades to his new jailbreak method. After the public release of iOS 11.4.1, Min used his jailbreak tool which called Cydiapro to jailbreak and Cydia download for iOS 11.4.1.

He has posted a video demo of jailbroken iPad and it was running on iOS 11.4.1 then Min could be able to successfully get Cydia installer on his iPad. This is not the end by this famous iOS hacker, after a few week he did jailbreak an iPhone X on iOS 11 and it has become the first jailbroken iPhone X in the world.

Now we can use Cydiapro online semi-jailbreak for download Cydia iOS 11.4.1 and all below versions from iOS 9.0, which was release as a beta version of the tool. If you own an latest iDevice, you can make a try on it. Further details will release with our next articles. Keep in touch with us for the more and latest updates of Cydia install free and jailbreak.