Customize iOS Home screen with Cartella



Apple iOS is a wonderful mobile operating system for millions of Apple users. Here it comes with thousands of opportunities and this is the most incredible mobile operating system for millions of worldwide users. iOS 13 is the latest available option and jailbreak iOS 13 is a wonderful method to get those thousand of customizable methods. So with this major operating system, if you are looking to make some amazing changes on your iPhone, iPad native home screen folder behavior to make it spice up , yes there is a wonderful option. That is, Cartella. So now you can customize the iOS 13 home screen with Cartella after download Cydia iOS 13.

What is Cartella?

Cartella is a free jailbreak tweak developed by iOS developer burrit0z. It could be right up your alley. This wonderful jailbreak tweak was designed to leave jailbreakers to adjust the look and it lets users feel of the mobile phone Home screen folders. Now after iOS 13 jailbreak users have the freedom to enjoy this latest Cartella.

Cartella allows Apple users to incorporate a collection of different customization options such as,

  • Custom folder rows
  • Custom folder columns
  • Hide folder icon blur
  • Hide folder background
  • Pinch those folders in vertically — it means custom height
  • Pinch folders in sideways — such as side pinch factor
  • Full-Screen Folders — like Bolders
  • Hide the pages
  • Dock in folders
  • In folders, you can hide the blur on the wallpaper
  • OLED folders — the pure black background
  • Bold Titles like Bolders
  • Free to choose the size of the folder title such as Hidden, Large, Regular
  • Align the titles to the left, center, or right
  • There are several options to close folders and pinch to close. Just tap.
  • Allow the folder icon to resize the Grid preview
  • Hide all SpringBoard labels
  • Hide all SpringBoard page dots
  • Custom colors of folder icon background
  • Custom color of folder view background
  • As you wish, users can move page dots

Now you can see how Cartella helps users to make the Home Screen interested rather than before. Here users can easily find a dedicated preference pane in the device settings app. Then they can easily configure the tweak for their liking.

What can be done here?

Here users have the freedom to toggle the tweak on or off on demand and you can easily designate whether you have a notched device or not. Then you can,

  • Hide the folder icon’s background blur effect
  • Hide the folder’s background altogether
  • Configure the folder’s grid effects
  • Configure the folder’s visual effects
  • Configure the folder’s color effects
  • And there are many more effects while having those amazing tweaks.

Those effects can be mainly divided into three categories such as grid effects, visual effects, and color effects. In-Grid effects category there you can choose or configure,

  • The number of columns or rows
  • Vertical and slide pinch factor
  • Custom title movement /offset

In the visual effects category, it allows on or off toggle full-screen folders on-demand and hides page indicators. Here the Dock appears in folders and it has the opportunity to enable or disable OLED-friendly folders. By the way here you can,

  • Embolden the folder titles
  • Adjust the wallpaper with blur strength in folders
  • Choose between large, hidden, or regular titles
  • Resize the folder icon on your Home screen
  • Hide all folder labels
  • Hide all folder page dots and more.

Color Effects enable and configure,

  • A custom folder icon color
  • A custom folder background color
  • A custom folder background blur color and many more facilities.

After downloading the tweak Cartella, you can easily take your Home screen organize to one step upper with augmented folder aesthetics behavior. Here users can easily download Cartella from the BigBoss repository through your preferred package manager for free. Here Cartella supports iOS 13 jailbreak. So if you successfully jailbreak iOS 13 then try this latest jailbreak tweak, I swear it will be amazing.