Customize Apple Watch notification sounds with WatchSounds – Jailbreak Tweak

Apple devices now have a great affection for the digital lives of people. So using the best iDevices now, Apple users can enjoy the latest technology on your hand. Apple watches an iPhone is a great combination. So once you received a notification to your iPhone, it already sends to Apple watch as well. So now, users have the freedom to get all the alerts notifications regarding things that are happening on your iPhone through your Apple watch and no need to peep into your iPhone for each time.

Apple Watch tweak

Although this is an interesting facility, sometimes, this makes you tiresome. Getting every single notification on each time makes you troublesome as users need to deal with the wrist on each pop-up notification. So it is better to find a way to customize Apple Watch notification sounds with WatchSounds using Jailbreak Tweaks.

Customize Apple Watch notification sounds with WatchSounds

Here Apple lets users manage the settings of the device, and so on, users have the freedom to customize device settings with jailbreak tweaks. Now users have the freedom to tweak notifications on Apple watch itself. For that, you have to launch the Apple Watch app on your iPhone first. Then you can select apps that you request for notifications. For that now, you can follow the below steps.

Step 01. First, you have to launch the application.
Step 02. Then tap on “Notifications.”
Step 03. Now go to “My watchlist.” It is the fourth part of my watch list. Then fast tap on my watch icon in the bottom left of your iPhone screen.

There you can see several activity apps and tons of notification tweaks. Here you can On or Off notifications. For that, tap on the little red dot on the top of your Apple watch. This is the notification indicator, and you have to disable it for turn off notifications. The best thing is, here you can toggle notification Privacy enable. Here it protects your privacy, and it does not let prying eyes to see that is there in the content of all those notifications. Just like the things that you can do with your iPhone.

The first app notifications that you can update or tweak are all reminders, such as functions, calendars, mail, and savings already implemented on the Apple Watch. All of these apps can mirror your iPhone’s notification style or set it to a custom state, enable or disable visual alerts, sound, and haptic alerts.

For many of these, turning off the sound is a good idea. Think that if you’re wearing Apple Watch for one of your most important meetings or something like that, you can use options using alerts such as for upcoming events, responses, invitations, and shared calendar alerts to the calendar app gives you better control.

The other thing is, users can disable all the related third-party app notifications and select a few of them that you needed most. Too many notifications make you uncomfortable. So now, you can manage them using the Apple app, and then it will be cool.