Apple Maps is highlighting pharmacies, food delivery, and hospitals due to the Corona Virus

While the Corona-virus pandemic ongoing globally, almost all the companies making changes to help worldwide customers. Because of those worldwide cooperation hope, humans can easily achieve victory nearby days. In this situation Apple is also provide users unlimited facilities with the term of “Stay Home and be safe”.


Apple has made a fine-drawn change on Apple Maps. This was firstly reported by iPhone Ticker. This recent compatibility is one of the most suitable options at this time and the goal of Apple is to move less practical search consequence throughout the pandemic. Here they gathered list of more practical options totally next to the top. In the list, Grocery stores have reached to a higher level and instance that there is another interesting option there. That is Food Delivery.

Updated Apple Maps

In this pandemic, Apple Map allows users to easily do their day to day needing such as Pharmacies and hospitals, restaurants and fast food, gas stations and many more daily needing through your Apple Maps. these highlighted facilities support users and they are pretty helpful for Apple users to easily find locations and through Apple Maps.

While using the aforementioned facilities, for example, the food delivery option helps users to show which restaurants near to their location and offer the delivery facilities and more. Not only in this COVID-19 outbreak, when the situation calms down we hope that Apple will keep this facility for future by adding many more functions.

Changes with Apple Maps

9to5Mac noted that all those Apple Maps’ changes are solid according to their own right. With the Google map, comparisons must be made. For that, you have to go-to options section in Google maps. Before Apple maps give this facility, Google Maps allowed users to highlight restaurants those who are currently offering delivery and takeout facility. However, for now, the facility is functioning well and here it specially marked those businesses which are temporarily closed due to the COVID-19 outbreak. But still, Apple could not able to fix that facility and unfortunately on Apple Maps some businesses those who are currently closed are still marked as being open.

in some ways, although Apple Maps trailing a bit behind while comparing Google Maps, it is, it is better to have such a facility for mapping and navigation with changes to reflect these hard times on your Apple Map on your iPhone or iPad.

Likewise, Apple is engaged with many more social services with this global coronavirus pandemic. So they launching a website and a brand new screening app to help those who inconvenience with this situation. By the way, now Siri has the ability to respond to queries related to COVID-19.

For the health workers, Apple has donated over 20 million masks and this was confirmed by Tim Cook.